Monday, August 28, 2017

A Problem in Translation is an audio book

My novel about first contact with difficult to understand aliens, A Problem in Translation, is now available as an audio book at
What is humanity to do when faced by aliens whose language is vague at best? What is humanity to do when faced by aliens that are worshipped or feared by almost every other species in the universe? What is humanity to do when faced by aliens that make decisions that seem completely illogical?
These are the questions that must be answered by Captain Shiro Takahashi and the crew of the Astrid, and failing to come up with the right answers could lead to the annihilation of humanity at the prehensile limbs of the Lemec.
Governing, but not governing most of the nearby galaxy, the Lemec are a powerful species that no one really understands, and this is just how the Lemec want it. Captain Takahashi is trying to understand, but the Lemec try to block his actions at every turn. How can he ever hope to save humanity, and do the Lemec even care if humanity is saved?

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