Friday, June 16, 2017

Enough is enough

I am so tired of everything that happens in the world being politicized. Yes, politics plays a big part in the world, but every time something happens, we don't have to blame "the other side."  Why does there have to be "the other side?"  Seriously, how many republican voters actually agree with everything their party does? Or how many democratic voters actually agree with everything their party does?  The majority of us lie somewhere between these extremes.  Although I am quite liberal on a lot of things, there are other things that I am more conservative about.  I don't actually consider myself to be a liberal, and we need to stop trying to label ourselves and everything around us.
The truth is, the two political parties and the media have spent decades poisoning our minds, trying to send us back to the tribal days when we had to fear "the other."  The truth is before we're liberals or conservatives, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, or whatever other description you want to label us with, we're human beings.  We have more in common with "the other" than we think.  It doesn't matter what we believe or who we voted for, we should all be striving to make the HUMAN RACE better.  If we're not willing to do that...then what the hell is the point of all the senseless finger pointing and bickering?

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