Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Order the June issue of The Fifth Di... early

It's still a little over a week until the "official" release of the June issue of The Fifth Di..., but you can order and start reading the e-book version right now...and it's only $1.49 if you order before June 1st at

A soul collector is murdered and taken into the “city” his father designed for the dead, now he must plot to escape and get revenge on his murderer in Dale Carother’s “Haunting the Painted City.” A magical mirror allows an unexpected glimpse into the past in Matthew Spence’s “The Mirror.” In the future, corporations still control elections, but what about when politicians decide to fight back is what awaits you in Eamonn Murphy’s “Campaign Trail.” Finally, one man is sent to the great void between galaxies and forced to face his own loneliness in Robert N. Stephenson’s “The Black Canvas.”

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