Thursday, April 28, 2016

The post I seem to make every four years

Every time a presidential election comes along I post about the need to break the two party system and get a viable third, fourth, or even fifth party, and this year, that seems even more important!
When I look at the candidates the Dems and the Reps are giving us, I have to wonder what we've done wrong to deserve this.  And the truth is, We The People have done wrong.  We've allowed the two party system to take over America.  Although there are differences between the democrats and the republicans, the simple truth is that the one thing they most have in common is that they are owned by big business, and big business does not care about We The People.  And before you talk about feeling the Bern, let's face it, although Bernie Sanders may be the least "owned" of any candidate we've seen in a long time, he still belongs to the system that is continually screwing over the American people.
Whether you vote Democrat or Republican, you're voting for the continuation of the status quo, which continually funnels money into big business, wars, and the stripping of the American people of any real political power.
Everyone always says that voting third party is like throwing your vote away, and in some ways, this is true...but if people really are fed up with the Dems and the Reps, and all those people that are fed up vote third party, all of a sudden the status quo is broken.  This is, of course, assuming that presidential elections in the US are not rigged to some degree, and granted, this is a big assumption.
When you go to the polls this November, vote your conscience, don't vote because you have to be Red or Blue.  You can chose to be something else.  You can vote Green, or you can vote Libertarian, hell, you can even vote Communist if you really want to send a message.  My point is that voting Democrat or Republican when there are options will just continue to make this country worse.  As for myself, I will be voting third party at every opportunity on the ballot.  Granted, I am a Green, so I will vote Green wherever there is a candidate, but if there is a third party candidate running against the traditional candidates, I'm voting for them.  I don't care what party because I want to see an end to the stranglehold that these parties have on We The People.  If enough of us vote third party, we really can make a difference.
As Queensryche said, "there's a revolution calling," and that revolution is for the American people to throw the Democratic and Republican parties out on their asses!!!
Let's take back OUR country!

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