Tuesday, March 08, 2016

F'ing health insurance

As I mentioned previously, we had to change health insurance companies recently, and as a result, the company forced me to change the meds I take for my chronic pain. Now that I've been on the meds for a couple of weeks, I can say that the health insurance company is completely wrong in their decision. I'm dealing with more side effects than I did on my previous med.  I'm much more tired and deal with dizziness quite often. More importantly, it doesn't do anything for my pain.
On the old meds, I almost always had dull aching pain, but rarely did I have days where I was in intense pain, and I even had days where I was painless.  With these meds, I'm always in pain, and it's almost the same as if I wasn't on meds. The pain is often almost debilitating. It's hard for me to sit in this hard chair that I sit in to work from home, and when I have to go to work, I almost always come home in intense pain.
The unfortunate thing about this is that the insurance requires that I be on this med for three months before I can go back to my old meds.  Someone needs to explain to me why insurance companies are allowed to make health decisions for people that overrule the decisions of their doctors. That's beyond insane, but since they pretty much own both political parties, there's not much any of us can do...

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