Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Insurance company BS

We got a letter from our health insurance notifying us that they aren't going to pay for Alexis' overnight stay after her surgery because they deemed it unnecessary.  I'm not exactly sure what their criteria are for "necessary," but I think it's ridiculous that a health insurance company thinks they know more about health care than the actual doctors.  From the beginning, it was expected that she would stay overnight.  The only reason she wouldn't have is if they only had to remove the cyst, but the fact that they actually had to remove part of a bone from her neck made the overnight stay necessary in the eyes of our doctor.  This is the kind of BS that needs to stop.
When I was unsuccessfully trying to get treatment for my chronic pain, the health insurance company wanted to refuse a cat scan for me.  I really love these guys.
Based on the rambling letter they sent us, it sounds like they actually aren't going to screw us over, but instead they're going to screw the hospital over.  And people wonder why health care is so expensive.
We need a complete dismantling of the insurance industry, not stop gap fixes.

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