Saturday, August 25, 2012


So, Lance Armstrong has dropped his bid to clear his name against doping charges.  Does this mean that he's admitting his guilt?  No.  Does it mean that he is really just sick of fighting a losing battle? Who knows.

The sad truth is that we'll probably never know if he really doped or not.  There never was a positive test, and apparently some of the "witnesses" are being given lighter sentences for their own doping...which makes one question their credibility.

Do I necessarily believe that Lance did nothing wrong? No, I'm certainly willing to believe that he did dope.  A lot the riders that he was beating were doing it, so maybe he was...but I wasn't there, so I can't say one way or another.  And everyone else who is spouting an opinion for or against him has to remember that those are simply your opinions...that doesn't make you right.

My biggest question is, if they do decide to strip him of his seven Tour titles, who are they going to give them to?  Most of the riders he defeated have been disgraced for doping, and who knows how many dopers there were in the field at the time.  Apparently it was a lot!  So, just how far down the standings do you have to go before you find a rider that was clean at that time?

I think the most important thing that cycling fans need to do is to focus on the here and now.  I've noticed that riders are having a lot more bad days than they did during the Armstrong, Ullrich, Pantani days.  Hopefully this is a sign of clean riding...

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Anonymous said...

The accusations are old. They've been after this guy for years and tested him many times. If he passed those tests, there's reasonable doubt. Now they're making a "martyr" out of him. It looks personal.

I got a kick out of this