Friday, July 13, 2012

The robbery, an update

Some of you have been following the story of Rebecca getting robbed at work, and all of the court visits we've been through since that horrible night.  Well, much of that came to an end yesterday.
The thug who did this agreed to a plea bargain yesterday.  He's going to be facing 20 years in jail, but at least we don't have to go to trial now.  While the judge was explaining everything to him yesterday, he broke down and started to times, even bawling his eyes out.  This was a radical change from the guy who used to stroll into the courtroom like he owned it, and it may sound horrible, but I was glad to see him cry.
The DA had said that one of the victims was in the courtroom, and the only people in the courtroom other than the legal people who had to be there were me and Rebecca, and he kept looking at me, and I just kept starting back at him.  Rebecca had herself hidden around a corner, so I'm not sure if he knew she was there or not.
When he was being led back to jail, still crying, he turned, not really looking at me, but rather in looking in my direction, and yelled, "I'm sorry."  He wasn't supposed to do that, but he did it anyway.
Formal sentencing will be in October, and it will be at that time that Rebecca will have the opportunity to actually say something to him...if she wants.  I think, no matter what, that she is going to write something, and even if she can't say it, she'll have the DA read it for her.

The deputy DA who has worked on this case and the victim advocate have been wonderful.  They've done everything they could to help Rebecca get through this, and I'm glad we've had them on our side.

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