Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some people really suck

We've been trying to track down our tax refund for a while now, and we just got word yesterday that someone had cashed our refund check.  The IRS sent us a bunch of documents to fill out, and with those documents was a copy of the check with the "signatures."  The thing is, however, that whoever stole the check actually printed our names on the back of the check, and it was painfully obvious that the same person wrote both names.

First of all, to steal someone's tax refund is beyond a crappy thing to do to someone.  That's money that we actually need, and we earned from our hard work.  As Rebecca said, this is the second time she's been robbed this year, and it's really pissing her off!

Second of all, since when is it considered legal to not sign a check?  Who the hell cashed this check?  Our guess is that they went through a check cashing agency, or something similar, but why would they cash a check that wasn't signed?  And for that matter, aren't people supposed to supply identification of some kind?

It almost sounds like whoever stole the check knew someone that would cash it for them, but I've got news for them, we've filed everything we need the government, and they will be coming after your ass!!!

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