Sunday, May 27, 2012

May madness has almost come to an end

What has been a crazy busy month is almost over, and I will be happy about that! The older two are now out of school, which makes some things not having to worry about after school programs and such. Of course now they get bored around the house and try to raise hell...but that's what kids do. I still have the Sam's Dot updates to get through before this month ends, and the arraignment, and a doctor's appointment for the dreaded hours at the "real" job. June is shaping up to be a better month as far as time management goes. The only major events we seem to be looking at are my book signing, Rebecca's birthday, Father's Day, and check-ups for the older girls...of course, something else is bound to jump up and take away from our time. One day I will be able to quit my "real" job, and then time management won't be so important. Is it really too much to dream that one day I will be making at least a part-time living from writing, editing, and game design? I don't think so.

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