Monday, August 02, 2010

A busy few weeks ahead of us

The next few weeks are going to be quite crazy around here. In addition to Rebecca working her usual hours, and me trying to find a job at the same time that I'm writing, editing, and doing game design, we have a lot of other things on our calendar.

Tuesday we're taking a tour of the hospital where the baby is going to be born. Immediately after that, we're going to back to school night at the girls' school. On Wednesday the oldest starts the 4th grade, and then the next Wednesday, the youngest starts Kindergarten (Where does the time go?)

At Rebecca's work, they're getting ready to do inventory, which means there's a lot for her to do, and she may even pick up a few extra hours if she can handle it. We certainly need the money, but I'm worried about her pushing herself to hard. Their official inventory date is the 19th. The day after that, we have a doctor's appointment, and this is for the glucose test, which I know any woman who has ever had a baby knows exactly what I'm talking about. Then on the 21st, we have a baby shower that one of Rebecca's friends has put together for her.

So, it will be a crazy few weeks...let's hope we make it through with whatever is left of our sanity...

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