Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Last night our beloved cat, KJ, passed away. It was sudden and completely unexpected. We're still not sure what happened, and we're both completely devastated.

KJ would have been 11 this April, and Rebecca has had him since he was just a couple of months old, so he was a huge part of our family.

Bubu, as he was also known, was a very friendly cat. He loved to play with people, and he was always more than ready to curl up on someones stomach or on their lap. Every morning when the alarm would go off, he would come into our room and jump up on the bed, and then proceed to lay down on Rebecca so she couldn't get up.

Whenever she'd be eating cereal, he'd sit and watch her, and as soon as she would put the bowl to her lips, he'd jump onto the couch cushion next to her, raising his paw in anticipation. Because he always knew that the last couple of drops of milk would be for him.

When she'd get home from work at night, he'd be ready to play, knocking toys over, biting elbows, and generally acting like a kitten. No one would have guessed his age, and we certainly wouldn't have guessed that he was sick in any way.

He would always sleep in some of the funniest positions, and a lot of our pictures are of him sprawled on his back, or curled up in a way that would look awkward even for a cat. Whenever we'd get home from the store, we'd always have to put the bag with the bread up on the counter, because if we left it on the floor, he would try to sneak over and bite his way into it. He had a thing for bread.

There were many times when I'd be working at the computer, just as I'm doing now, that he'd come in and sit down next to my chair. He'd then reach up with his big white paw and pull on my arm until I'd reach down and pet him. Once he was satisfied with the petting, he would either lay down next to my chair, or he'd jump up into my lap...either way, you could hear his purr from several feet away.

Our Bubu Luvs was a wonderful cat, but he was also one of our best friends. He always knew when we needed attention, and he was always ready to give it. To say that he will be missed is an understatement. His absence leaves a big hole in our hearts that we will carry with us forever...

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Mistress of Fantasy said...

:( I'm so sorry to hear that. As a cat lover/owner/owned, I can only imagine how you are feeling.