Sunday, November 16, 2008

Still undecided

I've been debating back and forth whether or not I'll see this when it comes out.

Now that I've seen this preview, I can honestly say that I'm still undecided. Parts of it look good, and other parts look ridiculous...


Keith said...

Trek is always better in our memories than it is when we actually watch it. I've been catching some Next Generation episodes and the are pretty awful, yet I like the show.

When I watch the Original Series, I can't believe how bad they are, but I find myself thinking about the episode that I've seen most recently and realize that it was intriguing.

It is an enigma. I never saw the last movie and I have no desire to see it. I certainly will not spend $15 to watch this one in a crowded theater with the sound level high enough to damage my ears.

The last theater release that I saw was the last X-files move, which was far better than it should have been and I could have watched it again.

.e. Jim Shannon said...

Keith, I agree about NG. The NG movies were a lot better then the original series. Last night I watched "Insurection" again.

I think most fans of trek will see and support the new movie at the theater or when it comes on in cable.

Persoanlly I'd rather have seen an Enterprize movie. Enterprize captured the imagination a lot better (imo) then all the trek shows put together.

This current offering is a complete departure because it doesn't come after a TV series.