Monday, March 03, 2008


Tyree Campbell of Sam's Dot Publishing has posted a commentary on the current election situation here in America. You can read his in his Tuppence at The Fifth Di...

Tyree, much like me, is arguing that the Democrats and Republicans no longer represent the people of America, and that it's time for us to take back our government. Like me, Tyree is arguing that we should be voting for third party candidates...and before anyone says it's just throwing away our vote, if enough people do it, we can send a wake up call to the powers that are, letting them know that the people want change (and not Obama change). Already at local levels third party candidates are becoming a force, and we now need to take this to the national level.

I agree with much of Tyree's, except that I disagree with voting Reform or Libertarian. I say vote Green all the way!

The Green Party

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envaneo said...

We've had a 3 party system here in Canada since the days of Confederation. On the Provicial election ballot yesterday I counted 6 parties on the ballot, including the Alberta Seperatist party!