Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The P&E Poll

I really hadn't planned on participating in this year's Preditors & Editors Poll. In the past, they've had numerous problems with it, and don't even get me started on the debacle that was last year's poll...but I just got an e-mail from someone saying that they'd nominated me in several categories, so I guess I'll try to garner some votes.

I'm nominated in several categories as both a writer and an editor, so just look for my name and vote. Also, please feel free to vote for anything nominated from Nomadic Delirium Press or Sam's Dot Publishing...they're good people. I also noticed that Laura Given's cover for Seedlings on the Solar Winds was also nominated in a couple of places, and she was nominated as best vote for her too.

The address is


Jim said...

I voted for you and Fith Di

Keith said...

I'll vote for samsdot, but the P&E poll doesn't really work for us. It is Dominated (with a capital D) by the Romance sites.