Sunday, October 21, 2007

Crazy Colorado weather

Yesterday we had a high of 80. It was just three degrees short of a record. This morning at 7:30 I was awakened by the crack of thunder, which is kind of strange, since we rarely have thunder in the morning. It's almost always an afternoon phenomenon around here. So, I got up to look out my window, and it was snowing.

That's right folks, we're getting our very first snow of the season, and that makes me very happy. I love the snow. Of course, thunder snow is kind of a strange thing, but it's Colorado...what would you expect.

Today is actually my day off. Imagine that, a rare Sunday off. There will probably be a few more blog entries later in the day, as I try to clear some things from my cluttered mind.

For now, I'm going to enjoy the snow...

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