Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wondrous Web Worlds

I've just delivered the final edited version of Wondrous Web Worlds Vol. 7 to Tyree. This collection features work from regular visitors Keith Graham and Marva Dasef, as well as from occasional visitor s.c. virtes. It's hard to say when the book will actually be released. We still have to design the cover and find a place to put it into the publication schedule. These collections are usually put wherever we can find room because they're not big money makers. We mostly do them as a tribute to our contributors and as a tribute to James Baker who, along with me, got this ball rolling many years ago.

I'll keep you updated as I learn more.


Keith said...

Thanks J,

It's wonderful for the ego and makes an annoying Christmas present to those people that show up around the holidays expecting something.

It is also a good read. I always plan to read the samsdot zones when they appear, but somehow miss about half of them, so WWW is catchup time.


Marva said...

What Keith said. We're a captive audience. Hmm. Xmas presents?

Keith said...

Just what everyone wants, a weird story by crazy Keith along with stories by other crazy people.

WWW book is slick, though. It is a pro job and substantial. I wasn't in it last year, so I gave away copies of an anthology called Christmas Cats, which had three of my cat stories in it. I wonder if anyone ever read them besides my mother? She likes my stories, but told me that the other ones were just silly. I could write the worst stories in the world, though and she would like them. That's what mothers do.

J Erwine said...

My mom doesn't actually read my writing. She used to, but she stopped because she really can't seem to understand how her nice little boy can come up with such disturbing subject matter...