Saturday, April 07, 2007

The World is Grey

Yes, I realize that I'm not using the American spelling of grey, but I like the way this one looks so much more.

When did the world become so polarized? These days it seems you're either a liberal or a either support the troops or you're against think illegal immigrants should either be deported or given complete amnesty...etc. etc.

There are no right and wrong answers in the world, there are just varying shades of grey. A while back we were discussing global warming here, and it seems like you have to either agree that humans caused it, or they have no effect on it. The answer actually lies somewhere in the middle. I think most of the people who visit this blog probably agree with that, but the people who come here aren't like most of the people in the rest of the world...if you are, why are you reading?

Here in America, nothing can even get done politically anymore because people are so polarized in their ways. Bush or the Congress are either completely right or completely doesn't make any sense to me. I'll be the first to admit that I think Bush is one of the worst presidents we've ever had. Just because I believe that doesn't mean that I'll dismiss everything he says, but that seems to be what's called for in America these days. No single political party has the answers to everything, and believing that to be true is ridiculous...but until we stop all the pointless bickering over party politics, we're not going to be able to accomplish much.

On the idea of troops it seems that if you don't want them in Iraq, then that means that you don't support them. This is an idea that is certainly being propagated by the current administration, but it's absurd. My personal feeling is that we never should have gone there in the first place, and I don't want to see anymore of our guys getting killed over something that has been going on for centuries, and is going to be solved by making them become democratic.

I have never been a big supporter of the military. Our military budget has taken away from programs that could have actually helped humanity. Yes, true, we do need a defense, but if we improved out international relations with others, we would have fewer problems.

Once again, I'm not saying anything that is big news to anyone here. In fact, I would imagine that most of you agree that we need to stop seeing the world in black & white.


Jim Shannon said...

You know I agree with most of this even the global warming issue. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Now in light of the IPCC’s recent summary, I will say this, global warming is mostly earth/solar cycles but let’s face it humanity has done it’s share to speed things along. We can all do our part to be more responsible stewards of the environment we live in.

As for polarization, yes I know what you mean.

As for supporting the troops, I support our troops in Afghanistan but then again Canada’s mission is slightly different in the Middle East then America’s. The biggest issue here in Alberta is affordable housing since our economic boom as of yet. I agree with you about defense, but I think instead of worrying about regime change and global warming we can do a better job for example by sponsoring a child in one of the third world nations through World Vision or improve the plight of the homeless here, if that makes sense.

Keith said...

I wrote a blog entry called "politics as a Team Sport". I took it down almost immediately because it was too derisive. My blog is to keep my friends informed, entertained, and perhaps, to have a little discussion. My friends cover the gamut politically from anarchist to conservative fringe. I like them for themselves, not their idiotic convictions.

The entry described political affiliations as rooting for the home team. There is a "my team right or wrong" kind of attitude. Criticizing a point of view doesn't change attitudes, it just causes people to dig in and get defensive.

There is also a herd mentality and sometimes people will switch their views according to the prevailing wind. That, by the way, is what I see happening in the Global Warming issue. Hardly anyone is qualified to make an informed decision on global warming based on the science, yet I see lines being formed, dissolving and then new lines appearing. The people are looking for a hook they can hang their hat on, and so far, it hasn't appeared in the global warming issue. (I have made up my mind, but at this point in the discussion, to bring it up again would mean starting a name calling match.)

My father always said that 95% of the voters cast their votes at random and they negate each other. It is the 5% that makes the decisions. Major elections are decided by these 5%. I think it may be more complicated than that, but I do know that the most people are ignorant about the issues and make their decision based on the "home team" mentality, or else the "herd mentality".

Marva said...

Bush: Worst every. Bar none.

Global Warming: It's happening. Even if humanity didn't cause it, they added to it and have a responsibility to attempt to do something about it.

Military: I will support the troops by continuing to insist they are taken out of places where they have no business being in the first place.

I used to see gray, but continuing crimes against the earth and humanity have ruined my vision.

J Erwine said...

Even we fall into those trends, when we first started discussing global climate change, immediately Jim took one side and Keith and I took the other. I don't think any of us were intentionally trying to be polarized, but we were seeing that in our rivals comments.

Jim-Don't even get me started on what America's goal is in the Middle East...that would be a long and angry post...

Keith-Like you, I have friends that run the gamut in all aspects of who they are...and they all know I like to run my mouth...but they also know that I will listen to whatever they have to say. And yes, Americans certainly do tend to be sheep...

Marva-Yeah...I pretty much agree with you...

Keith said...

I have a friend who is writing a novel based on his research of the neo-conservative movement. The issue in the mid-east has been, and always will be, oil. According to my friend, the neocons want to use America's military superiority to bring about a new world order. This is basically an imperialist domination of the world and the purpose is to make sure that the US has a steady supply of oil.

This looks like a conspiracy theory that has gone wild, but is so plausible that it might be true. Bush, supposedly, is trying to force a conflict with Iran in order to advance this neocon cause.

My friend's argument is that Bush isn't smart enough, but Cheney might be. I want my friend to finish his book and start worrying about something else, because he really scares me with this stuff. It makes too much sense not to be true, but I don't want to believe that the US started a war for the simple reason that we need a steady supply of oil.

J Erwine said...

Keith-Your friend is not alone. I, and a lot of other people have been saying that for a long time. I don't know if it's the whole truth, but I'd be willing to bet that the lust for oil has played a fairly major role in the "decisions" our government has made.

Consider this, according to Russian intelligence, the US is now in a position to launch an offensive against Iran...let's just hope the Congress won't give him the money for that too...