Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just because I'm a cycling geek

I decided to go with something a little different this time. Some of you might know that I'm a huge cycling fan. I'm into European Road Racing like most Americans are into football. I used to race as a junior...in fact, one of the guys who now rides in Europe (once finished 3rd in the Tour de France), Bobby Julich, is a guy who used to kick my butt all over the Rocky Mountains.

Anyway, I decided to post a cool video I found about cycling...

...and since this weekend is the biggest one day race of the year, Paris-Roubaix, I decided to post a little video about the most notorious section of cobblestones in that race. The riders have to go through the Arenberg Forest...in fact, the road they're riding on was first laid down by the army of Napoleon...


Anonymous said...


Do you read "Frazz" by Jef Mallett? I just discovered this comic strip. The title character is a cyclist and triathlete, as is Mallett.

I was never competitive, but enjoyed heading out into the country on my Trek until I moved south, where pedestrians and cyclists are clay pigeons in the eyes of redneck drivers, aided and abbetted by city planners and road engineers. I was hit in FL, wrecked a couple of bikes in GA, and gave up riding altogether in VA. I'm looking forward to moving back north, probably in Oct. I want to bike again.

Robert E. Porter

J Erwine said...

I've read "Frazz" before. I don't follow it, but if I happen to catch it, or if some other cycling jubkie points out a good one to me, I'll read it.

When I used to ride, I was harassed a few times, but I never actually got hit. Although there was one training ride when an ambulance (not on a call) pulled out and almost got me.