Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Get to know J

I have a couple of political posts that I'm thinking about writing, but every time I start on them, I get too lathered up...so maybe those will be for the future.

For now, I thought I'd open up the forum for you to ask me questions...nothing too personal...but feel free to ask me whatever you'd like.

It's your chance to find out who the guy is behind all of those disturbing stories...


Marva said...

Education? Are you one of English majors who was always going to be a writer or were you once planning to be a chemist, sociologist, psychologist, sports trainer?

There's a start. Of course, if you want an interview on my blog, let me know. We only talked about Nomadic Delirium before.

J Erwine said...

My degree is in psychology, but after dating a very psychotic woman, I gave up on the whole psychology idea.

I've always wanted to write. I first started trying to write stories about the same time that I learned how to put a subject and a predicate together.