Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Beware of the quiet loner!

The media keeps portraying the V-Tech shooter...he doesn't deserve to have his name a quiet, loner that wrote disturbing works. They seem to think that that is the reason for why he did what he did.

Let me introduce myself, I'm a quiet guy who usually only talks when he really feels he has something to say. I live alone...just me and my cat. Often times I'd be perfectly content to stay home for days on end without talking to people. I don't really have a need for social interaction except on the rarest of occasions. Dark fiction...have you ever read my stuff? People die in my stories all the time; sometimes even the main character...and I also like to use torture in my fiction.

Based on what the media is saying, I must be someone that should be watched out for. Bullshit! I'm a firm believer in Issac Asimov's quote from Foundation: "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." I'm one of the least violent people you could ever meet. The fact that there are several Subway customers and employees still alive should attest to that fact! If by some freak of nature I should ever decide that I need to kill myself, believe me, I will only take myself out...after I found a home for my cat...

Now, from the completely morbid side of my brain...and this is pretty tasteless, so you might want to skip it:

I just read that between the two shootings, the gunman went to the post office to mail some stuff to NBC...I guess that explains why it took him two hours to get to the other side of the campus.



Marva said...

Quiet loner with cat writing dark fiction. Yup, that's the next mass murder sitting right there scheming about horrid ways to off the Subway folks. I'm sure you could put it in a book. Dare you?

Marva said...


Jim Shannon said...

I’m much the same way J except I have my wife and our 4 cats. But it took me 50 years to get married. I don’t talk to a lot of people unless I have a long wait in a Govt office. Even in my lodge, I don’t say very much, I try to keep a low profile. Part of this is because I work in a call enter as a telemarketer and I talk enough on the phone for 4 hours a night. However my fiction is a lot different then yours seems to be. I try to make my stories as accessible as possible. I don’t like horror but my wife does but I don’t always like happy endings either. I consider my science fiction to be much like Clifford D Simak’s, soft almost pastoral without sounding preachy. I strive to have my characters to be nice even my villains because there is some good and bad in all of us. I used to think that all crack heads and dopers were evil people but that’s not always the truth. There are so many shades of gray these days aren’t there?