Tuesday, April 24, 2007

10 steps to fascism

The title of this entry links to a great article that goes through step by step what past governments have done to institute a fascist government, and then it shows how the Bush administration is doing the same thing.

Any of the items listed in the article may not seem like anything to worry about when looked at in an isolated manner, but when you look at them as a whole, it's pretty obvious that we're in trouble...as I've been saying for quite some time.

Wait is that a knock at the door? Maybe it's the NSA......................


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, J. It's scary, but hardly new to the US. They were struggling with fascism while founders held the presidency. I think it was the Alien and Sedition act, then. The American equivalent of Brownshirts pushed a dying Edgar Allan Poe along and told him who to vote for, and that was common practice at the time.

During WWI, Eugene Debs -- Vonnegut's hero -- was thrown in prison for anti-war speeches, expressing his 1st amendment rights. He won almost a million votes for president while running from his cell, a political prisoner in 1920. Sinclair Lewis wrote an SF novel in the 1930s about how it -- fascism -- _can_ happen here.

McCarthy certainly wanted it to, and if not for Edward R. Murrow and other responsible journalists he might have gotten away with it. Where are the Edward R. Murrows of today? Not on commercial TV, that's for sure.

Robert E. Porter

J Erwine said...

Fascism is always an easier form of government than democracy, so we will always be in danger of slipping in that direction...that's why I don't see the premise of 1984 or A Handmaid's Tale, or even my own book as being absurd...it really could happen!