Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I've now added Feedburner to this blog so you can now subscribe to it. Simply look for the little icon on the right side, and you can subscribe to the rss feed. Not sure how all of this will work, as I'm not the most computer savvy person out there, but I'll try anything, and I'm sure I'll have all of the little tricks figured out in no time...

And thanks to everyone for reading!


Keith said...

Now go and get a few more of those widgets. Rojo, for some reason is a biggy. MyYahoo is the other big one. If you put the myYahoo one on, I'll be able to read your blog on my myYahoo page, which I look at every morning to get my headlines, weather and stocks.

I just added the feedburner Headline Animator to my mySpace page to see what it would look like. Check it out (www.myspace.com/kpgraham). You can now add your blogging headlines to your myspace page.

I got !EIGHT! new subscriptions through feedburner yesterday on the Wanderings blog. This is a cool new thing for me, this rss stuff.

I am going to try to make a feed builder program for magazines (with Martian Wave as the guinea pig) so that you and the other samsdotters can put an animated feed gizmo on their various home pages and blogs. I want to clone the feedburner scriptlet so it will scroll through the magazine story titles and allow you to click on the links.

Now if my boss would only stop bothering me about real work for a few hours...

J Erwine said...

I've been hearing about rss for a while, especially when I started looking into podcasting, but until I saw your blog. I never really thought about doing anything with it.

Now, I can't imagine not using it. I subscribed to about a dozen different blogs yesterday, and it's so easy to find who has posted new data without having to visit every single blog.

I added the feedburner Headline Animator to my MySpace page and my homepage...we'll see how it works.

I haven't decided on adding more of those widgets. I think I would need to streamline my blog a little before I do that...but if you subscribe through the Animator, it allows you to pick what to read it with...I think. I'm still learning this stuff, and I'm not a computer guy like you. I just learn whatever I have to in order to survive.

Thanks for working on the magazine idea...I think that would be a huge boost to all of the on-line zines.