Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wondrous Web Worlds Vol. 6

Sam's Dot Publishing's annual best of the web anthology is here. Featuring the top poems and stories from the 2005 versions of The Fifth Di..., The Martian Wave, and Aoife's Kiss.
Most publishers don't last more than three or four issues...if they're lucky. This is an annual anthology, and we're already starting to work on Vol. 7...that definitely says something about the staying power of Sam's Dot Publishing.
The collection was started by ProMart Publishing (the company that became Sam's Dot), and we didn't do our first WWW until we'd been around for a few years. There are very few small press publishers that can say they've been around for more than a decade, and I think a major reason we've lasted so long is because of our wonderful contributors...just look at the cover art on this book!
Here's a complete list of the contents of the new book:

Gravity Well by Benny Grezlik
Guardian Winds by Daniel C. Smith
Thou by Tyree Campbell
Dancing In The Martian Rain by Terrie Leigh Relf
Leveling Mountains by Abby Goldsmith
Harvest People by Bruce Boston
Mare Mortis by Gail Kavanagh
Planet-Side Data Retrieval From The Europa Orbiter by Terrie Leigh Relf
Requiem Mass by JE Gurley
Mother Earth by Marsheila Rockwell
Rivalry by t.santitoro
Repercussions Of The Big Bang by Mikal Trimm
Chambers On Io by Scott Virtes
History Repeats Itself by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
Spy by Adam Banks
Cosmic Harvest by Kristine Ong Muslim
Red Mist by Nicholas Scipior
A Raven Between Two Worlds by Philip Reyth
Seedlings On The Solar Winds by J Alan Erwine
Bloom by Jennifer Schwabach
Brew Of The Gods by Ian Brazee-Cannon
Jim And The Reaper Grim by Adam La Rusic
Avatar by Edward Cox
Changing The Rules by Nancy Bennett


Abby said...

Whoo! I'm in there. I didn't know when WWW6 was coming out.

J Erwine said...

There's been setback after setback, but it's finally here...or at least it's on its way to Tyree's from the printer. Seems like there was some kind of delay with that, but copies will be sent soon...