Friday, January 05, 2007

The Opium of the People

Yes, it's the book that just won't die!
Nomadic Delirium Press has announced that a new version of The Opium of the People will be released on Feb. 1st. The book will list for $15.99, but right now they're selling it for $12.00.
It's important to remember that only by ordering through their website will you get the new version. Other sites are still selling the old version. Once the book has been released, it will be available from most booksellers.
This book was originally released by ProMart Publishing, but has been revised and updated with new content and new cover art.
The American government has been overthrown! After a near-miss of a giant comet, the American people fall under the control of a radical right-wing fundamentalist Christian government, ruled by the Grand Patriarchs, that slowly strips away their freedoms and establishes a rule of law that even the dictatorships of the 20th Century couldn’t have dreamed up.
Forced into virtual seclusion, Edward Silverberg, a former English Lit professor, finds himself on a path that will lead to either his destruction, or the destruction of the Grand Patriarchs…or maybe both.
ISBN: 1-4196-2588-8

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