Wednesday, December 14, 2005

If you like kick ass metal

If you like the kind of in your face metal that kicks your ass and then leaves you lying bloody by the side of the road, then you have to pick up "Doctor Butcher." That's the band and the album.

This is a re-release of a ten year old album with new bonus tracks. The band was put together by Jon Oliva and Chris Caffery of Savatage as a way of releasing some pent up aggressions, I would guess, as it's even heavier than what Savatage puts out.

And as I understand, there are plans for more Doctor Butcher songs, which is amazing given the amount of music Jon Oliva is involved with. Savatage has spawned a lot of side projects, including Jon Oliva's Pain, Circle II Circle, Chris Caffery's Faces, and of course their most famous side project Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

TSO and Dr. Butcher, that's an amazing spread of music...........

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Keith said...

My metal tastes are all pre-1970. I like zepplin and who and hendrix, but these are not the same thing as metal. There was a heavy rock band called Quicksilver messenger service that I really was into. They changed the name to just quicksilver. They were more acid rock than metal. They were more like mountain or moby grape.

My cousin was a studio guitarists in the 70s and he did a good number of the black sabbath tracks. The band was too stoned most of the time to actually play music so he and other studio guys re-recorded all the parts and the only original music on some of those records that is really black sabbath is ozzie's voice.

Anyway my cousin is an asshole and I never liked black sabbath until reacently.

One of my best friends is a blues drummer. He also plays for a bs cover band and works every weekend. I go with my brother from time to time to give him moral support and they are really good. The guitarist has every track of every BS song down pat. They play in Yonkers, NY, which is a big metal town and the crowd is kind of rough - a lot of biker dudes with big breasted biker babes. Good fun - cheap beer - good music.