Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

Not much to report here...just busy getting the December updates for Sam's Dot ready. It's three on-line zines and two newsletters, plus updating all of the other pages that have new info. My eyes hurt from staring at HTML code, but hopefully I'll be done by this time tomorrow...


Keith said...

Same for me. I'm doing AstoundingTales.com right now. There are 22 stories and articles to convert from word to html and reformat. I have to set up the art. I have to edit the menus and make sure all the links are valid. It took 14 hours last time.

This is non-trivial work and the least appreciated part of putting out an e-zine.

I hate writers who use italics!

J Erwine said...

Funny...I prefer when writers use italics...it's so much easier than converting underlined text into italics. I think I'm well past 20 hours now, and I still have a long way to go, and of course I like to get everything posted a day early...so I guess it's a good thing that I have tomorrow off from the "real" job.

Keith said...

I save the word docs as .txt and check off the convert characters box to get rid of the fancy quotes and elipses and such.

I paste the text file into dreamweaver and that converts the quote to "e;, etc. I then go back to the original and put back the italics by hand. I change all the *** breaks to HR tags. I have to change the copyright symbol back to the html special character. I then have to put the javascript code for the vote boxes at the bottom of each story. - Phew!

I hate the way word converts to html so I've given up on that route. I want to control the css and present the simplest html that I can so that old browsers can still view the site.

Arthur Sanchez does the editorial checks, but I have to check Arthur. He is fast and furious sometimes and leaves out stuff.

A good chunk of time is picking the art files for the table of contents. I like to have small pictures for each category and I change them each time.

I also have to write an editorial and the flash challenge. Luckily it's only every three months.

I am also lucky that I have Arthur reading slush. I tried to go through the stories that we get, but my eyes started to spurt blood - the horror! the horror!