Friday, April 30, 2010

Five new stories at Anthology Builder

I've mentioned Anthology Builder in previous blog posts. It's a great site where you can build your own anthology from a wide variety of stories. I now have five new stories up on their site. Those stories are:

The Magenta Equations
Forgive Men their Trespasses
When Living is a Crime

It's really a great site, and I would recommend that you check it out...


Keith said...


What kind of sales do you get? Was it worth the effort?

I have 53 published stories (12 or 13 at SamsDot) and most of them are not available on the internet.

Would it be worth the effort to put them on Anthology Builder? Could I expect any money from it?

J Erwine said...

I've had a few sales, not enough to pay for a honeymoon or anything, but there have been a few.

My main reason for doing it is to get my name out, and then hopefully sell some copies of my collections or my novel...or novels (after this fall).

It's pretty easy to submit. Fill out a brief form for each story, and then upload it. They get back to you in a month or two. I do think you're limited to listing just the stories from paying markets, however.