Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pregnancy is Tiring

I'm finding Rebecca's pregnancy to be very tiring. Under normal circumstances, I (with some help from the girls) do quite a bit of the work around the house. I work at home, so it's just easier if I do it. However, since Rebecca has developed some seriously horrid morning sickness, I've taken on a lot more of the responsibilities. Normally on her days off, she'll cook, but I'm doing all of that now, and since there are only a few things she can eat, I usually have to make something different for her than what we're happening. She usually tries to help with the cleaning, but since she's feeling so bad, I don't want her to, and she usually doesn't have the energy to do it anyway.

Also, because of the person I am, I try to insist that she rest most of the time, and I wait on her for whatever she needs.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Under normal circumstances, I would walk to the ends of the universe for her, and now that she's carrying my child, I'd walk to the ends of the multiverse for her. I'm just saying that I've been even busier than normal lately, and I'm feeling quite tired, and I now have zero free time for fun...but it will all be worth it in the end, so I'd be an idiot to complain.

And a note to any guy that thinks their stay at home mom and wife doesn't do anything while they're at're out of your mind. Taking care of a household is at least as hard, if not harder, than working a 9-5 job...


Rachel Dryden said...

Hey, I feel your pain with pregnancy sickies. I don't know details about your wife's situation or just how bad her sickness is, but have you heard of hyperemesis gravidarum? It's when morning sickness goes FAR beyond normal. If your wife is throwing up many times a day, losing weight, and unable to stay fully hydrated, she probably has it. There is a wonderful community of women at that would be an excellent resource for you both if you are interested. I had HG in all of my pregnancies.

Even if her morning sickness is not quite to that extent, I recommend asking her doctor about Zofran. It's an anti-vomiting med that can really make a difference. There are other meds on the market but trust me I know all their side effects and issues, and Zofran is far far better than the rest. Even if your wife is more nauseated than actually puking, Zofran might help some. Another thing that helps with nausea is Vitamin B6.

Also, I'm happy to talk or share my story with you if you think it might help you out. Best of luck and I'm thinking of you!

Caledonia Lass said...

My first child, I had morning sickness day and night for the entire pregnancy except for one month.
It was not fun. I feel for her.
Take Rachel's advice and talk to the Dr. about it. If it is normal, no worries. But perhaps it would help her if she took something to help stop it. I couldn't gain the weight they expected of me no matter what I did, but all in all, I ended up having a healthy baby.
Everyone's different.
Anyway, J. Good luck! You're a Prince to be so thoughtful to your wife, even if it is draining you. :D