Saturday, January 16, 2010

More wedding planning

We're now getting deep into the wedding planning. We met with our photographer yesterday, and so that's all good to go. We've also started registering for gifts, and we hope to have that out of the way either tonight or tomorrow night. We've started planning the honeymoon, and we hope to book the hotel in February or March. The biggest problem we're having right now is getting information on how to book a judge at the courthouse. Calling and e-mailing has gotten the same answer from everyone we've talked to, which is, "We don't really know." That to me seems absurd, since there have to be a lot of people who do courthouse weddings. I'll try again after the holiday, and if I can't get a result at that point, then we're just going to go to the actual courthouse and talk to people until we find someone that knows what in the hell they're doing.

Since we're going to be sending out invitations next month, we're going to sit down with the girls tonight and we'll all pick out a font to use for those.

So far things have been fun, and not too stressful.........

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