Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday Specials

With this being Cyber Monday, I figured I should let all of you know about some specials involving books I've written...or helped to write.

DriveThru SciFi has a Nomadic Delirium Press e-book bundle for just $5. You get three of my books...Seedlings on the Solar Winds, The Opium of the People, and Marionettes on the you also get The Poet by James Baker. four e-books for $5 is hard to beat. Simply go to and order all four now

DriveThru RPG has the e-book version of the core rulebook for Ephemeris available for $5. You just have to go to and you can start playing tonight.

Both of these sales are only for Monday, November 30th, so you need to order now!

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