Wednesday, June 17, 2009


As most of you probably know there was an election in Iran recently. All indicators were that it was going to be a close election, and yet the incumbent won in a landslide. Not only that, but hand written ballots were counted about as fast as the US can count their electronic ballots. I think anyone that looks at these facts can clearly see that the election was a fraud...and certainly some of the people that have seen that have been the Iranian people.

The Iranian regime claims that there are no protests in Tehran, and yet pictures that are coming out of the Iranian capital clearly shows tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people protesting. Meanwhile, the government cracks down on the protesters and people are killed.

Meanwhile, here in the US, the revolution is not being covered by the media like I'd expected it would. It seems to get a mention on the news, but the true story is not being told...and I have to wonder why.

It would seem that if you really want the truth about what's going on, you have to go to YouTube and Twitter. People caught up in the revolution are posting regularly, knowing that they will face sever repercussions if they're caught.

Here's a sample...

Let's hope that the Obama administration, and other governments throughout the world refuse to recognize the Iranian regime. For years, those of us in the United States have been wanting a regime change, but anyone with any intelligence knew that the change would have to come from within...and here it is!

And as for all the ignorant Americans who thought we should just nuke Iran because of the government's views, try to remember in the future that a government does not necessarily represent the views of the actual citizens. The people of Iran want change, and we should let them have it...

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