Thursday, April 02, 2009

An Ephemeris update

The RPG I've been designing, Ephemeris, is now very late in delivery. However, there is definite progress that is being made. Most of the initial draft of the rules has been written. My co-designer is supposed to be sending me the final chapter that I need very soon. At least, I hope he will be. If he doesn't, then I need to write that section. After that it will be some tweaking of the rules, and a whole lot of re-writing...but we are making progress.

I'm hoping for a release in late summer or early fall.

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Keith said...

Weirdly enough yesterday I downloaded the NASA JPL ephemeris in order to make a program that shows the position of the planets for my astronomy site.

Then a person I know asked me if I knew how to use an ephemeris to make an online Astrology site.

It is ephemeris time!