Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Locus Poll

Locus Magazine has started their annual readers poll (although you don't have to be a subscriber to vote. This is a great way to vote for some of your favorite titles from last year, and it's also a good way to show support for Locus (one of the best resources in the speculative fiction field.) If you're interested in voting, simply go to The poll has drop-down menus for the items they consider worthy of voting for, but you can write-in a title or editor as well.

Should you be interested in voting for me, you can consider the following:
Short Stories: The Magenta Equations from Allegory E-Zine and Hunted from Tales of the Talisman. You can also consider me for editor...although I don't expect to beat out any of the people on the list...I am a realist as well.

Some other people and titles to consider:
Editors & Writers:
Tyree Campbell
David Lee Summers

Laura Givens

Aoife's Kiss
Tales of the Talisman
The Fifth Di...
The Martian Wave

Nomadic Delirium Press
Sam's Dot Publishing

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