Sunday, January 04, 2009

The date

In my year in review blog I mentioned that one of the biggest things I'd be doing this year is planning our wedding. Turns out it won't be as much work as I'd thought. After looking over our finances and realizing just how expensive a wedding and honeymoon would be, we quickly became aware that we had limited options.

Our original plan was to get married this May, but we wouldn't be able to afford the we were going to postpone it to August. By doing that, we'd be able to afford the wedding, but not the honeymoon. So, we were faced with the option of pushing the wedding back to May of 2010. At that point, we both realized that it was more important that we get married...ceremony or not.

So, we will be having a courthouse wedding on May 21st of this year. After that, we will be honeymooning in Taos. This is also easier on us because we were already planning on having the kids spend part of their summer with their grandma.

For our first anniversary, we're thinking about having a second ceremony, which would be more like a traditional wedding...including all of the guests...


.e. Jim Shannon said...

We got married December 6th 2000. What being so low income we couldn't afford a traditional wedding. I bought a Province Marriage License from the registry store across the street from where I worked at the time for $75 buks.

The Registry store (license plates that sort of thing) provided us with a list of names of JP's and we found one in Riverbend (south side) I think that was $50. We brought a witness with us for the 3pm appointment and we got married in the Judge's basement. We never did go on an offical honeymoon or anything like that.

.e. Jim Shannon said...

with a JP you can get married with short notice. Save the honeymoon until latter :-)

Ian said...

My wife and I got married in our living room, and then had a bigger ceremony later at Renaissance Festival. So far we had three weddings in our living room. It is real easy to do when you have several ordained ministers as friends and none of them are religious. We've joked about declaring it temple and saying our weekly gaming group should be considered a church, which would then allow us to buy all or RPG stuff as a tax write off for religious purposes.

We never did the honeymoon thing though. Just didn't seem practical.