Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The job search is over

For better, or for worse, I once again have a "real" job. Tomorrow at 6 a.m. I report for duty at Office Depot, where I'll be doing stocking and sales.

It's certainly not my dream job, but it is a job. Given the limited hours I'm actually available, I'm reasonably happy to have this. At least it's not food. I don't know if I could have handled another food job.

Looking on the bright side, I will hopefully get a discount on things like paper and mailing supplies...that's always a good thing for a freelance writer.

Also, today is Veterans' Day here in America, so I would like to take the time to wish every veteran a Happy Veterans' Day, and thank them for their service. Be sure you're all doing the same.


Keith said...

Let's hope it's a good job. It's not the job so much as the people you work with. A good job is one where the boss and co-workers don't make you regret getting out of bed every morning.

At least with this one there is the opportunity to get some nice discounts on tech toys and all of your writing tools. Let's hope that they promote you to manager before the holidays are over so you have a steady gig in 2009.

J Erwine said...

I can only work part time, although it's almost full time, so no management for me...

Christin said...

I LOOOVVVVEEE Office Depot. Well, any office supply store for that matter. I have been twice in the last week. Ha!