Sunday, July 13, 2008

Packing and such

The move is just under a week away, and I've been busy with packing and everything else that goes into a move...which is why I've been a bit absent lately.

I have most of our services and mail and such transferred, and I'm now working on the actual packing. So far, I have more than two dozen boxes...and that's just books...and it's not even all of them...this move is going to be a real back breaker.

We're having some daycare issues, which is making looking for a job difficult, because I'm not sure who will actually be taking care of the girls.........

As I've been packing, I've found some stuff that I can't keep, but I don't really want to throw away, so I've set up more Ebay auctions. You can find them at

So far, my cat has found the whole packing thing to be a lot of fun. She jumps in just about every box I put down, and she tries to run just in front of my feet every time I'm trying to carry a box somewhere. I'm sure if she knew what she was in store for, she wouldn't be enjoying herself so much. She's basically my cat, and my cat alone. She's the most loving and affectionate animal I've ever known, but only towards me. She growls and hisses at everyone else. So, not only is she going to have to adjust to Rebecca and her two daughters, but there's another cat it could be an interesting time in the new place.

That's it for now. I'll update with more as I have it...and obviously I haven't been doing much writing or editing lately. Hopefully once we're settled in I can get back to it.

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envaneo said...

Sounds like your having, fun.

You think you've had trouble with just one cat. I had 2 cats with me when I moved into my wife's apartment back in 2000. She had 3 cats of her own living here. Pledges hated them all. Silky tollerated them. When her cats died we got 2 more 4 years ago. Sporty and Sparky. Silky loves the new babies but nothing changes. Pledges still hates everybody.

For about 7 years it was just me and Pledges before Silky. Pledges is very much like your own cat, very loving and affectionate. However, Pledges loves humans. He loves nose-in-nose. He's my baby :-)

Good luck in your move. Have you ever considered Security guard work? I've done this on several occasions. Some jobs are great like the Whacken Hut job I had in 1994.I did 2 rounds a night and read books all the time and drank coffee.

Yes I've heard the horror stories too but most jobs are really slack. It's the high end security guard stuff you need to look out for but if your just in an office building it's not to bad. I might even get into it again at my age and work part time.