Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our first walk

Now that we've rested up some from the move, we took our first walk tonight. There's a bike path right behind our place, and it winds through a bit of nature cut off from town...so of course I took my camera along and snapped some pics...

A cascade that's in the center of our apartment complex

A creek that's just off the path, and almost right behind our place...

A lake and an unexpected neighbor.
There's a bird right by the edge of the lake, and in all my years living in Colorado, I've never seen one like him...

One of our neighbors

Some more of our neighbors

We do have cacti in Colorado

A warning about some of our other neighbors


Keith said...

The bird looks like a Great Blue Heron. We have them around here at certain times of the year. They migrate to Central America, so it could be the one you saw is the same one that I saw catching fish at Rockland Lake, near me, earlier in the year.

Since DDT was banned, the big birds are coming back. I've seen Bald Eagles fishing in a nearby stream. The lakes have Snowy Egrets, herons and lots of other largish birds that were not around 30 years ago.

nerinossa said...
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J Erwine said...

First thing I said when I saw it was that it looked like some kind of Heron.

We also saw a hawk being chased by three little birds. We were too far away to see what kinds of birds they were, but it was pretty obvious that they were upset with that hawk.