Sunday, June 01, 2008

Two pieces of news

Almost 20 years ago, I made the decision that I wanted to be a science fiction writer. The first story I ever seriously submitted to magazines was a story called Tranquility. It was bad...very bad...horrible...but there was an element of the story that has always stuck with me, and I eventually re-wrote it. Today, Tales of the Talisman picked it up for their Spring 2009 issue.

I thought that was big until I went to the Denvention website...that would be WorldCon for those of you playing at home...and found that they've listed the participants for this year's convention, and I'm on the list. That's right folks, this small press writer/editor will be doing panels at WorldCon!!!


Spencer said...

congrats J...i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya. seems that things are looking up :)

Anonymous said...

Nice going J!

My first story "Earth Tones" got accepted but never saw print. I wouldn't say it was bad but it had amateur written all over it. I didn't go beyond the 2nd part of the publication process. I was a bit intimidated by the lenghty contract. I mean for, contributor copies? The magazine was called "Lost Worlds" 1994.

Good luck on the panel. Do you know what the topic will be?


J Erwine said...

They're still putting the programming together, but I should have a questionnaire to go over in the next week or so.

Marva said...

Excellent! I wish I could be there to root for you and ask embarrassing questions.

Catherine J Gardner said...