Monday, March 10, 2008

A Problem with A Problem in Translation

I just put the finishing touches on what I'm hoping will be the final revisions for what was supposed to be my new novel A Problem in Translation. Unfortunately, the story is just too short. It comes in around 60,000 words, which makes it more of a novella as opposed to a novel. As most writers know, a novella is very hard to market. So, I've created a real uphill battle for myself.

The story is so tightly spun with events leading into one another rapidly that I really can't find a way to expand on it without completely destroying the flow...


Anonymous said...


if you can't expand your novel from within, why not consider a prequel or sequel? An additional 20-60k could put your story in the "normal" marketable range.

Robert Porter

J Erwine said...

It's a thought, but I start right as the main action is about to begin. Anything I add to the beginning would just be preamble...and would probably be a bit boring.

The ending is open-ended, and I suppose I could close it...but I tend to leave things very open in my writing.