Thursday, February 21, 2008

The missile test

So, the US shot one of its own satellites with a Navy missile to protect us all from the dangerous fuel. Now, does anyone really believe this was the reason, or are you like me and think it was some macho stunt by the current adminstration basically saying that "Ours is bigger than yours!"

I really can't wait for January so we can get these idiots out of office...granted, I'm not really impressed with the next possible presidents, but at least they're not Bush and his cronies...


Anonymous said...

Butter the devil you know...

To me, it's machismo. If we can do this to one of our own, it's cinch to do the same to China's or Russia's spy satellites. Rather like the Apollo moon landings; if we can land men (all 12 men, or Apostles of American patriotism, with only one scientist -- or doubting Thomas -- in the bunch) on the moon, it's a cinch that we can drop a nuke on Lenin's tomb.

Robert Porter

envaneo said...

I think most people believe this was political move then anything else.

I'd love to see China's space program or anyone elses for that matter land their people on the moon. "Hey, we've been all over this tranquility base area. Where is that flag of yours again?"

"The Chinese are lying. Don't believe them."

Personally I believe the Appolo mission landed men on the moon. No hoax.