Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An Amazon review

Marva Dasef posted an Amazon review of Seedlings on the Solar Winds. She really seemed to enjoy the book.

Cyberpunk? Really? I'll have to give that some thought...


Marva said...

I'm not usually a cyberpunk fan, so let's say that you wrote the story really well. Of course, I read Dhalgren about three times (hmm, gotta get a copy again) and Snowcrash a couple, so maybe I like cyberpunk more than I thought I did.

envaneo said...

Audrey's books called me at work this evening saying my copy of Seedlings is in. This is a record for books ordering from them so I'll be picking it up Thursday before I go into work tomorrow.

Cyberpunk? Cring, but I'll give it a read anyway.


J Erwine said...

Don't worry Jim. The book is not cyberpunk. There's one story, A Chronic Mistake, that is kind of in that genre, and Marva just happened to like that best...which surprised me since I don't read much cyberpunk, and it's the only story of that nature that I've ever written.

The book contains a variety of least in my opinion. There's some sociological stuff, some space-opera, even something that someone once referred to as literary...

Marva said...

Sorry, J. I didn't mean to mislead your readers.

No, just one cyberpunk. Perhaps it attracted my attention more by J's disclaimers of writing the subgenre. Sort of like telling you not to think about pink elephants. You just can't help it.

When I read the story, I thought it was darned good for something that J doesn't normally write.

There are many other good stories. Now, I'll have to go grab my copy and name them? Nah, just look at the ToC, or better yet, just start with the first and work your way through.

envaneo said...

Thanks Marva,

I was just about to get my copy of Seedlings yesterday afternoon but things got in the way, I'll be picking it up this afternoon.

I don't mind Cyberpunk to a degree, I just can't read Charles Stross or William Gibson.

Jim Shannon