Saturday, November 17, 2007

Title for the new collection

Almost all of the responses I've gotten back about naming my new collection have said that I should use the title of one of the stories. So, I thought I'd open it up for voting and debate on my blogs and on my LJ account. No guarantee that I'll use the winning title, but I would like to hear what people think is catchy, because let's face it, I want to sell books!

There are going to be sixteen stories in the collection. I've ruled out the use of The Opium of the People as the title, since that's the name of my novel, but below you will see the other possibilities. Please feel free to comment with what you think is the best title...

Sad Grey Eyes on Tharsis
A Chronic Mistake
A Singular Solution
Out of Plato's Cave
Lost in the Dark
The Limit of Tolerance
On the Word of Ancients
Seedlings on the Solar Winds
Living in the Styx
The Ancient Ones
The Mind of the Cat


Keith said...

Seedlings on the Solar Winds

No contest

Cool cover art possibilities

Jim Shannon said...

"A Singular Solution." Cool title for a anthology.

Anonymous said...

"Sad Gray Eyes on Tharsis" is my favorite title of this bunch, and you did list it first. But there's quite a range here and potential readers may think the title represents the tone of the stories as a whole, which can be a problem. Bait and switch? I'd try to find a more comprehensive title, like A COSMIC UMBRELLA or THE NEBULOUS SIEVE.

Robert Porter

Marva said...

I kind of like punnish titles so I like "A Chronic Mistake," "A Singular Solution," or "Living in the Styx."