Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Henry Rollins Show

Last night I went to the Henry Rollins show here in Denver. I can honestly say that I'm a bit sore today from laughing so hard. He's not a stand-up comedian, but he's actually a lot funnier.

His comments and stories about Bush, Bill O'Reilly, Trent Lott, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove, Condoleeza Rice, and the rest of the Neo-Cons that have almost destroyed this country had me almost rolling in the aisles. His constant references to Bush as "My President" were hilarious.

He also talked about his recent trips to Syria, Lebanon, and Iran. His reasons for going there were because he wanted to meet the people. Too often, we Americans make the assumptions that the people of a nation necessarily support their leaders, and reflect the morals and ideas of their leaders...which simply isn't true. I think most Americans, at least 71% based on the last polls, would be highly offended if some foreigner said that about Americans. Most of the people he talked to in those nations said that they loved America and Americans, but they didn't like our leader, and in the case of Iran, the people said they were afraid of America because they're pretty sure that we're coming to kill them...and of course, by "we," I mean our government.

There were several former (or maybe current) G.I.'s in the room as well, and his stories about visiting soldiers that had been wounded in Iraq were very moving, and he also talked about his USO trip to the Middle East during Christmas. One of the guys even approached the stage (much to Henry's chagrin) and tossed him a card for Iraq War Vets against the War (or something to that degree).

All in all, the show was great. I seriously thought my friend Vik was going to pass out from oxygen deprivation because she was laughing so hard at times.

My only complaint would be the theatre. We had really good seat, row K, but instead of the usual theatre seats, we had padded fold-up seats...and the rows were very close together. I'm 6'2", and it was very hard to find a place to put my legs.

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