Monday, October 01, 2007

The Covey Awards

Voting for the Covey Awards for October has now begun. This is a monthly contest that judges books by their covers, and this month, The Opium of the People, and its great cover by Laura Givens are nominated.

Go to You can vote for "Most Eye Catching" and "Most Relevant." Laura and I would appreciate your votes in both categories...and of course, you should also buy a copy while you're at it!


Keith said...

Last check you have 5 and 4 votes for the books. I voted twice on each category, once at home and once here at work. I assume that J voted for himself. I also assume that Jim Shannon voted so J got only one additional vote from some unknown person.

I think everyone out there is sleep walking or maybe the pods are hatching in the garage. I am averaging over 200 unique hits on the blog every day and J must get about the same, so you would think that someone would wake up and click the damn link.

J Erwine said...

It's kind of strange because a lot of people have told me that they've voted for the cover. So, either they're just telling me that, or the voting isn't working right on their site.