Saturday, September 01, 2007

Why I don't care about Sen. Craig

Idaho Senator Craig has resigned because of his alleged misdeeds in an airport bathroom. You know what? I really couldn't care less.

It doesn't seem like there's really much of a case other than his confession to a different crime. It almost looks like the GOP is serving him up as a sacrificial lamb to try to stave off all of their other problems. Maybe he's gay, and maybe he's not. Again, I don't care. Granted, it would be ironic if he turned out to be gay since he's been banging the anti-gay drum pretty loudly...but again, I don't care. If he's in the closet and ashamed of himself, then that just makes him a hypocrite. Are we going to go through Washington and remove every hypocrite in office? There won't be many people left...if anyone. It also may be true that he's an unethical individual. Again, are we going to go through Washington and remove anyone with questionable ethics? Now there really won't be anyone left.

The real reason I don't care about this is because the media is using the story to ignore other more pressing problems. As long as they report on this, they can devote less time to covering the fact that we still have young men and women dying in Iraq fighting an illegal war. Not only that, but last month more than 1800 civilians died in Iraq. As long as the media talks about Sen. Craig, they don't have to report on that. Then there's the illegal wire tapping, the departure of Rove and Gonzalez, the fact that New Orleans is still basically screwed after Katrina, and countless other debacles brought on by the Bush administration.

Sen. Craig serves as a diversion from the real problems we're facing in America. Let's face it, we're always going to have corrupt or immoral politicians. He wasn't the first, and he certainly won't be the last. More and more people in this country are facing foreclosure because of "borderline" illegal practices by the banks, which are getting the backing of the federal government, but the news devotes more time to a guy who may or may not have been horny while in the john.

"Nero plays while Rome burns."

That's what the media and the politicians in America remind me of these days...


Marva said...

Certainly, it's a diversion. However, it's one more sign of Republican hypocrisy, lies, mortal shortcomings, and general all-round incompetence.

If we have to get rid of them one at a time because they're hypocritical assholes, then so be it.

J Erwine said...

The democrats are almost as bad...they just don't wrap themselves in the flag and the Bible like the GOP does...although the democratic presidential candidates have really been trying to appeal to the religious sector in this country, which is turning me off even more to them.

I definitely won't be voting for either party...