Thursday, September 06, 2007

Disturbing searches

Like many people who have their own websites, I like to check out how people are finding me, and with all of the sites I run, I often see some very disturbing things. Until today, the most disturbing search had been one that found its way to The Genre Mall. At The Mall, there's a publisher called Raw Dog Screaming Press (yeah, you can probably imagine where this is going), and about every two months I get a search that is "Raw sex with a screaming dog." Obviously there are some real sickos out there!

That's nothing compared to the search I found today. Someone had done a google image search for "Naked pictures of J Alan Erwine." As far as I know, and it seems quite likely, I am the only person in the world whose name is spelled like that. The spelling of my first and last name are not exactly common, so I would think that they'd have to be searching for me. That just really bothers me. I think I liked it more when I was getting the hits from the .gov and FBI sites...

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Marva said...

Maybe it was a search by Larry Craig. You did say you didn't care about him and his feelings are hurt.