Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Galton Principle

Since the idea of expanding my story into a novel has generated quite a bit of discussion, I thought I'd post it on my website for you to read...should you want to.

The writing's a bit rough, as it was roughly a decade ago that I wrote it, but there are some decent things in it...and a fascist state still seems very realistic to me as the future of America...although what form it would take to bring about this type of government is still a mystery to me.

Obviously, if I were to expand it, the main character's story would only be a portion of it...much as was the case with The Opium of the People. That story was originally just a short story. When I expanded it into a novel, Albert who became Edward, was just one of the stories. He was still the main story, but there were several other characters introduced...some of whom interacted with him, and others who didn't.

Now, I must leave you...keep talking amongst yourselves.

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