Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Problem in Translation

Sam's Dot Publishing has announced the re-release of my illustrated short story chapbook A Problem in Translation.

Understanding aliens will be difficult, but what if those aliens use a language that involves more than the spoken world, and what if the other aliens you meet bow down to the difficult to understand aliens. Originally published in Alternate Realities, A Problem in Translation is now available as an illustrated storybook from Sam's Dot Publishing. With wonderful illustrations from Teri Santitoro and Janis Marshall.

This chapbook is one of the best selling fiction chapbooks Sam's Dot has ever released, and now it has much better cover art. This is also an early version of the first chapter of the book I recently finished...and that is now looking for a home.

If you enjoy alien contact stories, then I think you'll like this one, as I tried to do something a little different than what is traditional for SF.

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