Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Not all terrorists are Muslims

If you listen to the Bush administration, it would seem that all terrorists in the world are Muslims, and this simply isn't the case. There are countless little groups throughout the world with their own religious or political agendas that are willing to use terrorism to get their point across. Terrorism is usually the only means of expression for an oppressed least that's the logic I used in Opium to justify the use of terrorism by the heroes of the story.

Today, one group, ETA, used the Tour de France to get their point across. ETA is a Basque movement in Spain that wants their own homeland in the Pyrenees. Since today's Tour stage ventured into Spain, they chose this as an opportunity to commit a terrorist act. They planted a couple of small bombs on hillsides on both sides of the Tour route. However, their goal was not to kill people, but rather to get some recognition, so they blew them up after the Tour caravan (a publicity parade) passed and before the riders actually arrived. No one was hurt, and it was obvious that ETA didn't want to hurt anyone. If this had happened in America, there probably would have been mass panic, and the stage probably would have been cancelled, but the Tour went on without being re-routed. There are so many Basque cycling fans that it would be counterproductive to ETA's goals to actually attack the race. The title of this entry links to a Yahoo article about the "attack."

Still, our "War on Terror" continues to be waged only against Islamic groups. When someone blows up an abortion clinic here in America, they aren't usually charged with terrorism, although that certainly sounds like terrorism to me. I don't care what your opinion of abortion is, killing other people is wrong. The Bush administration has also never addressed other terrorist groups throughout the world...sure, maybe they haven't attacked us, but if we're really going to stamp out terror, shouldn't we be going after it wherever it is?

The plain and simple truth is that terrorism will always be with us, no matter how many wars we "wage" on it. Terrorism can be an effective tool, and although I certainly don't agree with it, I can certainly see why some people might use it. And as far as our current war on terror, I still think it has more to do with religion than anything else...

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